Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Custom trade show exhibits can help attract prospects to a booth which may result in closed deals and new revenue. Attending a trade event as an exhibitor is far more complicated than reporting to a booth space on opening day. Much work and preparation goes in to every event--direct mail campaigns, employee staffing, and sales messaging are just a few of the components needed to succeed.

Managing Custom Trade Show Exhibits

In addition to these efforts, the work involved on the exhibit side is both time consuming and challenging. From design to logistics, a profitable event depends on the management of hundreds of small details. Custom trade show exhibits entail lengthy installation and dismantle labor, rigging and forklift fees for hanging signage and the wiring of telephone, internet and electrical services.

Juggling these tasks can be overwhelming. In many cases, exhibitors outsource this responsibility to a third party. A trade show services company can eliminate much of the headache and hassle brought forth by event marketing.

Return on Investment

Is event participation worth the headache? Organizations continually spend money on industry events and custom trade show exhibits for one main reason. What other medium can provide direct contact with a target audience in a concentrated setting? Trade show exhibiting can provide an unrivaled return on investment.

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