Display Stands

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Display stands can be as simple or as complex as is necessary. For many traveling sales staff, the assembly of a trade show exhibit should require only ten minutes time. Creating a booth that is simple in construction yet elaborate in detail is a challenge many exhibit houses face.

Creative Display Stands

Some manufacturers have mastered the art of fabric paneled display stands. Others use complex lighting solutions to draw attention to a booth. Both these methods are effective in generating interest at a cost-effective price.

Display stands need to be portable yet extremely durable. Some companies exhibit at more than 100 shows on an annual basis. With an inventory of a half dozen booths, each stand will be shipped out eight or more times. The shipping, assembly and dismantle of the booth causes basic wear and tear.

Look for Longevity

When investing in a display stand, it is important to choose materials with staying power. Graphics that fold or dent are difficult to repair and may need replacing after one season of trade shows. Making the investment in a trade show exhibit, whether custom or modular, is a costly venture that shouldn't become an annual habit.

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