Exhibit Builders

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Exhibit builders can conceptualize a booth design based on corporate image and messaging. Weaving a design based on an identity is a challenging task but many successful manufacturers have mastered this art. Through carefully articulated words, images and construction a customized booth should serve as a stand alone marketing medium.

Defining the Scope

Building an exhibit occurs in stages. A brainstorming session helps identify the needs and scope of the project. How many demonstration pods are needed? Will storage be required in the booth? What methods of lighting will be used for illumination?

Once the preliminary plans are in place, exhibit builders begin the elaborate task of designing the body of the exhibit. The space must serve predetermined functions and be eye-catching to passers-by. The use of color, light and graphic design play an integral part in the overall look and feel of the exhibit.

Successful Exhibit Builders

Another goal of exhibit builders is to construct a booth which is easy to assemble, light to ship and resistant to damage. These tasks are not easily met, but entirely possible with the right manufacturer. Many builders offer online galleries with pictures of past work. A quick browse through these images may help inspire or define an upcoming project.

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