Exhibit Designers

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Exhibit designers may be employed by a booth manufacturer, or standard graphic designers can create custom graphics if given the proper specifications. Most building companies offer design as an additional element to the construction process. Some organizations prefer to use an internal design to maintain the uniformity of the corporate brand.

Graphic Designers Vs. Exhibit Designers

While a graphic designer can help bring ideas to fruition, he or she may not be able to design the layout of an exhibit. Most successful exhibit booths require a combined skill set of graphic and logistical design work. The layout of the booth is as important as the imaging and content.

Seasoned exhibit designers strategically place demo pods within the layout of a booth. Stationed at the corners, these pods may attract attendees walking by. Bring the pods toward the center of the booth and conference participants have to enter the premises in order to learn more about the company. Pulling people in is the primary goal of a convention exhibit.

Sharing a Common Goal

Exhibit designers need to fully understand the goals of the booth in order to reach successful design. The messaging, layout and construction of the booth all work harmoniously to accomplish one goal--attracting prospective customers and facilitating sales. The more effective the exhibit the higher return on investment for both the exhibit and the industry event.

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