Exhibit Displays

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Exhibit displays need ongoing maintenance and care. Purchasing a custom display is a significant investment and should be treated as such. Many exhibit companies will perform a "pull and prep" before each event. This ensures that all of the pieces required for assembly are intact, the graphics are undamaged and the lights are still working.

Maintaining Exhibit Displays

By investing in this effort, exhibitors are guaranteed to have a flawless booth at every show. Without the pull and prep work of exhibit displays, pieces could be missing, graphics could be damaged and attendees may not get the first impression an organization has hoped for. For this reason, maintenance should be included in an exhibit house contract.

In addition to the construction of custom or modular exhibit displays, the manufacturer can offer a variety of additional services. Installation and dismantle, storage and maintenance are three of the most common add-on services provided by exhibit houses. Using the same vendor to fulfill all of these tasks creates a streamlined operation and lowers the risk of damage as well as unforeseen challenges.

Traveling Labor

Many manufacturers can provide labor for trade show events across the country. This is often a better solution than hiring union labor in the convention center. The builder is familiar with the design and set up of the booth and can provide quality handling of the materials. Union workers rarely show the same concern.

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