Written by Jessica Duquette
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Custom lanyards are perhaps the most signature giveaway for trade shows. As an attendee, a good lanyard is almost as important as the content provided in the sessions of a conference. Without badge holders, attendees are forced to pin badges on their shirts, leaving nasty, permanent holes.

Lanyards enable attendees to hang their conference badge around their necks, allowing easy access for security personnel as well as lead retrieval equipment. If you've ever attended a conference you know how menacing exhibitors can be when trying to scan your ID badges. Not only do promotional lanyards serve a functional use for attendees, but exhibitors can brand their company and image on them, making each attendee a walking advertisement.

Customized Trade Show Lanyards

Custom lanyards are perfect trade show giveaways. By embroidering your company name and logo on the neck strap, each person that wears a badge is helping you market your company. Relatively inexpensive, a lanyard is a wise choice for a trade show giveaway.

While a lanyard does an exceptional job of promoting your company during the conference, most people will throw their name badge out after the show. If you are looking for something with a more staying power, you may want to consider another promotional item. While lanyards are a necessary tool used in all trade shows, they are not necessarily the best choice for long term marketing efforts.

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