Post-it Note Pads

Written by Jessica Duquette
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You will be hard pressed to find a desk in any office that isn't covered with Post-It note pads and memo cubes. Sometimes the best way to decide on an effective trade show giveaway is to look around your own office. What are people using? What would they be likely to bring back to work with them?

The Answer: Sticky Notes

Post-It note pads are an excellent trade show giveaway that is sure to be a big hit around the office. Think of how many times a day you write on Post-It cubs and sticky pads. Now imagine your marketing message being read every time someone uses or glances at a note they write. The brand awareness generated by one simple square note is incredible.

In addition to Post-It note pads are the Post-It holders for note pads. These plastic contraptions hold the note pads in one place. Since the pads are so small, misplacing them on your desk may sometimes be a problem. These holders are a great way to brand your company and keep your message in plain view of prospective customers.

Office Items

Items that are commonly used in the workplace are always the best trade show giveaways. When trying to decide which item will best suit your company's needs, think about what you would be likely to bring to work and use. Continued use and exposure are the ultimate goal for trade show giveaways.

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