Promotional Caps

Written by Jessica Duquette
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As mentioned before, apparel is one of the most popular forms of trade show giveaways. These items are appealing to attendees for a number of reasons. Everyone needs an extra t-shirt to golf in or a collared, button-down shirt to wear to work. For this reason, show goers tend to migrate to the booths offering clothes and other apparel items.

Don't Fuss With Sizes

Promotional caps such as logo caps, custom embroidered caps, and golf caps are always a huge hit with attendees. Since most caps are branded with the manufacturer's name, a branded cap from an exhibitor is as wearable as a cap with the Nike swoosh symbol. Caps are an easy way to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes since they conveniently come in one size that fits everyone. You can choose from a wide selection of promotional hats and low profile caps.

Your marketing dollars will be wisely spent should you choose promotional caps for your next big trade show. Most men and many women wear caps on the weekend whether they are out hiking or simply running to the grocery store. Think of all the people that will see your company logo after the show is over.

Most Likely to Be Worn Again

While not the most inexpensive item for you to choose from, promotional caps are money well spent. The majority of attendees will wear a cap they picked up on a trade show floor, whereas a t-shirt may not get as much wear. If you've got a little extra money to spend, or are about to exhibit at a very important industry event, you may want to consider a baseball cap for your giveaway.

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