Promotional Cd Cases

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Most cars today come equipped with a CD player. The benefit to compact disks is the lack of storage required for them. After purchasing a new CD, many people discard the plastic case. What do they do with their CDs when they are finished listening to them in the car?

Fabric CD cases are extremely popular among all ages. Once the plastic carrying case has been discarded, most people invest in a portable, multi-CD carrying case. Why not jump on this opportunity and hand out promotional CD cases at your next trade show?

Unlimited Options

Promotional CD cases come in many sizes, shapes and colors. This allows exhibitors the freedom to customize their trade show giveaway any way they please. Whether your attendees listen to music in their car, at work or even at home, your promotional CD cases are bound to travel with them wherever they go.

More expensive than some one-time use promotional items, promotional CD holders are an investment. This investment will pay off in the long run. I personally have a few CD cases, including a promotional visor CD case, acquired from several industry events. I've kept each one, and each is filled to capacity with CDs.

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