Promotional Coolers

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Regardless of the season, promotional coolers are always a huge hit at a trade show. Everyone is looking for a quick and easy way to keep their food and beverages cool. Whether carrying your lunch to work or toting a six pack of beer to the beach, portable custom coolers are a staple in any successful promotional campaign.

By not limiting yourself to a seasonal trade show giveaway, you are opening up the doors of opportunity year round to build new business. Promotional coolers are carried everywhere: work, the beach or town pool, even the golf course. All of these activities attract people. These people will be exposed to the message you print on your promotional coolers. You could also put your company's logo on koozies, promotional thermoses, and promotional lunch sacks.

Good Messaging

You could simply put your logo on the promotional cooler, but what good comes of that? Sure you'll start to build company awareness, but will people know what type of business your company is? Good messaging is important when it comes to promotional items.

For maximum effect, include your website address or phone number. This provides people with the necessary information to contact you if they are looking to learn more about your products and services. Since you know the recipients of your cooler will be bringing it to many public places, the more information you can include on your giveaway the better. Don't bombard them with words, simply give them a reason to contact you and the information to do so.

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