Promotional Duffle Bags

Written by Jessica Duquette
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In general, sports duffles, promotional travel bags and totes are a great way to brand your company. Each time an attendee carries your promotional sports bags you are creating more awareness for your company. Promotional duffle bags are an upscale promotional item, but worth every penny.

The Above Average Attendee

Suppose you are at a trade show and you have a small selection of promotional items including yo-yos, plastic pens and modem cords. The CEO of a company you are trying to do business with comes over to your booth to discuss some partnership options. After a lengthy conversation he hands you his business card and tells you he'll be in touch.

Now, rather than hand him any of your inexpensive giveaways you want to show him your gratitude for the business opportunity. What do you do? In times like this, it's always good to have a few upscale giveaway items on hand. Promotional duffle bags are a great way to say a special thanks to the more important attendee.

Everyday Use

Promotional duffle bags can be used in business travel or even to carry your gym clothes to and from the fitness center. Either way, this bag will serve an important purpose for its recipient. Additionally, each time it's used, others will be exposed to your company name. For even more exposure, have your website address embroidered on the bag. It's bound to drive some traffic to your site.

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