Promotional Golf Balls

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Promotional golf balls are an effective means of introducing your company. Most tradeshow giveaways are less than appealing to adults. In fact, oftentimes attendees will tell you they pick up promotional gifts at shows just so they have something to bring back to their children. How effective is your promotion if its sitting in a three-year old's toy box?

Everyone knows that the golf course is a great networking environment. Both men and women alike can spend their day on the course casually talking about business. In this non-threatening environment many deals can be made. What if you could broadcast your organization's website on promotional golf balls? Each golfer would be sure to see one and mentally remind themselves to visit your site.

Finding Promotional Golf Balls

If you've sifted through pages of merchandise in search for the perfect gift you may have overlooked the idea of golf balls. An inexpensive investment, these are sure to be a huge hit at your next event. Stamp your company name, phone number or even web address on each ball for all golfers to see.

You don't necessarily have to give these golf balls out at tradeshows. For an even more effective promotion, send a box of customized balls to your biggest customers. A perfect holiday gift, you'll ensure new and recurring business with this small gesture.

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