Promotional Modem Cords

Written by Jessica Duquette
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The fact that hundreds of attendees have piled into a convention center to learn more about their industry should tell you there are countless business travelers in your target audience. These are folks who regularly travel coast to coast for meetings, conferences and training sessions. These people are great targets for promotional items.

Being away from home for days at a time forces business travelers to learn easy and effective ways of living in hotels, flying on planes and eating in restaurants. Water bottles, pocket calculators and promotional modem cords are all tools with which these people survive. Where do they acquire such items? Generous exhibitors at industry events feed off of the needs of these people.

Checking Email Just Got Easier

Custom modem cords are an innovative way to making business travel easier. If you've ever stayed in a hotel room while attending a conference or trade show you know how difficult it can be to check your email. The phone jack is nowhere near the desk or any other furniture you could comfortably sit at in order to work productively.

With promotional modem cords, attendees can sit in bed and check email at the end of the trade show day. This simple luxury makes a big difference and will ultimately decide their demeanor on day two of the show. If your giveaway could mean the difference between a well rested attendee or an impatient, tired attendee, where would you spend your marketing dollars? You can choose from different types of promotional modem cords and laptop connectors.

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