Promotional Toys

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Toys are probably the most popular form of trade show giveaway on the market today. From promotional frisbees and promotional fans to promotional sunglasses and promotional beach balls, these toys are a hit. While many conference attendees bring these items home and give them to their kids, promotional toys serve an important purpose during trade show hours. Unlike any other giveaway available, promotional toys encourage booth traffic.

Be Innovative

The most innovative giveaways are often promotional toys. With unlimited choices ranging from visor sunglasses holders to promotional sand toys, you can find new and creative toys at each event you go to. The trick to driving booth traffic successfully is being unique. Don't simply hand out pens or yo-yos like everyone else is.

If you have an original idea, attendees will need to visit your booth to get one of your giveaways. By piggy backing off some other company's idea, each attendee has a choice: they can visit your booth, or your competitors. Don't make them choose because there is always a chance they won't make it to your exhibit.

Create a Buzz

A successful promotional toy will stir up enough buzz on the busiest of trade show floors. This sudden increase in popularity will instantly make you a favorite in any future events. Now the only problem is the need to outdo yourself with each event you exhibit at. Attendees will come to expect the best ideas from your company. A difficult goal to reach, but a sure way to make each trade show the most effective it can be.

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