Recycled Trade Show Booths

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Recycled trade show booths have been refurbished and are completely customizable. By leasing or purchasing a recycled exhibit, companies can still benefit from the commanding presence of an impressive 40 by 40 foot booth, but at a lesser cost. Most recycled exhibits have been used only a handful of times.

Branding Recycled Trade Show Booths

These next-to-new booths can be blanketed with messages and product information for any company. At a fraction of the price, many companies have chosen to explore recycled trade show booths rather than purchasing a new model. The end result is the same--increased leads and sales from industry trade events, but the marketing budget stays intact.

Recycled trade show booths come in custom and modular forms. The modular booths need only new graphic panels to transform its past appearance. Custom booths can be reconfigured with new headers, carpet and a revised floor plan.

Almost New

Refurbished booths can be purchased or leased from most exhibit houses. With constant ownership changes, companies are frequently looking to upgrade or convert an existing booth into a new design, leaving behind exhibits in nearly mint condition. These booths are then resold at deeply discounted rates, a bargain that many companies are taking advantage of.

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