Refurbished Trade Show Booths

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Refurbished trade show booths come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. Table top displays, custom 10 by 20 foot exhibits as well as island booths of 400 square feet and more are all available in used versions. Exploring the possibilities of used exhibits can uncover many opportunities that may not have been possible with new booth construction.

Investing in Refurbished Trade Show Booths

With the framework already intact, companies can focus on enhancing refurbished trade show booths. Adding additional demo pods, creating custom graphics and replacing old carpet can make significant visual improvements. These changes require only a fraction of the investment that building a new booth could incur.

Before shopping for refurbished trade show booths, outline wants and needs from a layout perspective. Meeting areas, a registration desk and a theater for presentation purposes may be essential to adequately promote the products and services offered. These components require a significant amount of space. By determining the must-have pieces of the booth in advance, shopping for recycled booths can be much simpler.

Searching for Used Booths

Using the Web to browse through exhibits in stock, consumers can search by size, custom versus modular or by searching for the necessary components. Colors and graphics are interchangeable, so a search for a used booth should be based on configuration and size. The manufacturer or exhibit seller can provide graphic design services or the specs to redesign the graphics internally.

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