Show Booths

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Show booths with folding panel assembly are perhaps the easiest to manage. These compact exhibits are light weight which can eliminate unnecessary shipping costs. In addition, even when pressed for time sales staff can install and dismantle these table tops in just a few short minutes.

Expandable Show Booths

Slightly more elaborate show booths may involve an expandable frame. The frame expands and snaps firmly in to place and then graphics are hung with either magnets or Velcro. This option is also relatively light in weight and affordable to ship.

Most trade events give exhibitors a pipe and drape area which separates each booth from the next. A small sign is hung labeling the booth number and corporate name. Some exhibitors choose to simply bring literature and promotion materials to these events.

Standing Above the Competition

With potentially hundreds of show booths on the floor, differentiating one booth is difficult. Toting brochures and pens is simply not enough these days. Even with strict budget limitations, exhibitors can attract attendees through affordable table top exhibits, inspiring graphics and motivational content.

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