Stress Balls

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Stress balls continue to be as popular a promotional item as when they were first introduced. Perhaps this popularity stems from the ongoing stress each of us feels in our work environment. Tapping into the needs of working men and women, a stress ball is an effective keepsake that is likely to drive attention to your company.

Squeeze & Release

In foam or gel, stress balls are the ultimate solution to relieve stress in the workplace. Shouting, cursing or throwing office equipment is normally frowned upon. Rather than risk termination, get rid of your stress by squeezing and releasing.

From logos to web addresses, just about anything can be screen printed or laser injected on these balls. Laser injection is often a better yet more expensive option. With extreme levels of stress in nearly every office, your stress ball is likely to get a lot of attention. Constant rubbing or use may eventually fade your company's information. By spending a few extra dollars, you can ensure your corporate brand will last as long as the ball does.

Effective Promotion with Stress Balls

These items are more effective in a tradeshow setting. Save special recognitions and holiday gifts for more high-end items such as portfolios or clocks. These balls can cost as little as one dollar each and are common among exhibit halls.

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