Trade Show Booth Designers

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Trade show booth designers work with specialized output printers that can handle enormous graphic files. These digital printers can work with a variety of surfaces including fabric and produce top quality images with perfect resolution. Most traditional printing presses cannot provide the same services as an exhibit house printing shop and its trade show booth designers.

Using One Vendor

When purchasing a new or used exhibit, it is a good idea to use the manufacturer of the booth for design and printing needs. That way the company is familiar with the size specifications and can avoid unnecessary challenges. Using a third party printer may save money in the long run, but the graphics may not match up to the framework.

Trade show booth designers incorporate many important elements into the design beyond just visual appeal. Storage can be a problem at an industry trade event. Sending 25 boxes of brochures and promotional items may seem like a good idea, but without the wherewithal to store these materials boxes are unsightly stacked in and around the exhibit.

Questions to Ask Trade Show Booth Designers

Booth designers take even the minute details into consideration before presenting a design to a client. Where are electrical and internet wires hidden? Is there enough storage for three days worth of literature? What level of labor is required to assemble and dismantle the booth? These questions should be asked before deciding on an exhibit.

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