Trade Show Booths -new And Refurbished

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Trade show booths are an essential part to participating in industry trade events. Without an exhibit, companies are forced to sit at tables with nothing but literature to show conference attendees. Competitors may have more than 400 square feet of exhibit space, audio presentations and eye-catching design. A lack of presence can create harmful first impressions.

Generating Awareness

Trade shows are about awareness. Attendees walk the show floor searching for vendor solutions and taking inventory of which companies are present. Exhibitor attendance doesn't necessarily generate new business but an absence can stir rumors and spark judgments.

Trade show booths are mobile revenue generators. The sales staff at a booth should be capable of generating leads and closing deals. A three-day conference may cost $5,000, but the investment is quickly returned if only one deal is closed.

Organizing Trade Show Booths

Logistically speaking, trade show booths can be a nightmare for inexperienced employees. The logistics and details that go in to each event are innumerable and require extensive experience in trade show event planning. General contractors, drayage, exhibitor appointed services are just some of the necessary components in standard trade event preparation.

Staffing trade show booths is as important as ironing out all the logistical details. Building a trade show team is often times the best way of ensuring smooth show operations. Having sales, technical, marketing and service support on hand at a trade show could mean the difference between closing a lead on the show floor and passing up a prime opportunity.

Opting for Used Exhibits

While exhibit design and construction can be expensive, there is another solution to attending a trade show with a commanding, custom design. Used trade show booths are becoming increasingly popular among novice and seasoned exhibitors. This cost-effective solution has companies upgrading floor spaces and surprising attendees with innovative design year after year.

The success of trade show booths relies in part on the promotional campaign work prior to the event date. Most industry events offer pre-registration lists of attendees containing all contact information. Vendors can then mail out postcards and teasers to ensure each and every attendee stops by the corporate booth.

Measuring Success

Measuring the success of trade show booths can be done in terms of cash flow and leads. How much revenue was generated from leads that originated at the show? How many appointments were set on the show floor? Additionally, ask staffers to evaluate the show in different terms such as conference program, exhibit time, level of attendees, etc.

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