Trade Show Exhibit Booths

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Trade show exhibit booths and subsequent success depends largely on the effectiveness of event personnel. Not all employees are capable of staffing an exhibit. Some may have sales experience while others may be more technologically advanced and able to detail the inner workings of a particular product.

Staffing Trade Show Exhibit Booths

Event managers should organize a team of employees to staff trade show exhibit booths. This team should be comprised of sales professionals, technicians, marketing talent and customer service representatives. Together, this team can address any issue, question or concern that could be presented by an attendee.

The marketing professional on staff should be equipped to handle any of the logistical issues that may arise while at the event. Drayage charges, electrical needs and internet connectivity are just a few of the issues that could cause complications with trade show exhibit booths. An experienced event planner can ensure the program runs smoothly from start to finish.

Messaging and Sales Pitch

Sales personnel should have a predetermined pitch to present to conference attendees. A standard two minute elevator pitch is useful for first introducing a product or service. From there, employees can give further details about the company and/or its services.

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