Trade Show Exhibit Designs

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Trade show exhibit designs should be unique to each individual exhibitor. Admiring the work and design of other vendors is one way of searching for inspiring ideas in the form of colors, materials, configuration and messaging. Taking small pieces from other designs can help create an original exhibit design.

Spatial Requirements for Trade Show Exhibit Designs

Trade show exhibit designs are limited by space and budget. The amount of floor space will determine which components of the exhibit are possible. For example, a 12-seat theater presentation is not feasible for a booth space of 200 square feet.

Smaller trade show exhibit designs should focus on work stations and literature distribution. In doing so, attendees are presented with corporate literature outlining product and service offerings and if interested, are able to view a brief demonstration. Trying to squeeze too much into a small booth space will only cause chaos.

Improving Communication

On the other hand, larger booths from 400 square feet and up should leverage all of the floor space available. Incorporating private meeting areas, multiple work stations and a presentation area will enable booth personnel to communicate with attendees through several channels. By improving communication, attendees will walk away with a better understanding of a company's capabilities.

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