Used Booths

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Used booths are sought after by both first-time and seasoned vendors. For novice exhibitors, the lease or purchase of a used booth enables the company to showcase products and services from the luxury of a custom-built exhibit. This can be an effective first impression for conference attendees.

Customizing Used Booths

By renting or buying used booths, exhibitors can save a significant amount of money. Recycled exhibit booths only need slight changes in order to adjust the overall look and feel of the design. By reinventing graphic treatments an old booth can look nearly brand new with just a minimal investment.

Seasoned exhibitors understand how competitive industry trade events can be. Used exhibits allow companies a change of scenery. Some larger organizations participate in hundreds of trade shows each year. Bringing the same booth to every show can be monotonous for employee staffing and conference attendees.

Get Ahead of the Competition

With an inventory of used booths the exhibit can be altered for each event. This may attract additional visitors, create a buzz on the show floor or simply out-do the competition. This method of differentiation has worked successfully for many trade show-bound companies.

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Jack:I agree that you cannot just stand there waiitng for people to come up to you. When I was in the property and casualty insurance business we used to ask people walking by our booth if they wanted to save money on their auto and homeowners insurance. Then we would set up an appointment or take contact information for a follow up appointment. We would also offer a drawing for something, this gave us the names, addresses, and telephone numbers for those who participated in the drawing.[] Reply:August 12th, 2009 at 7:14 pmUnfortunately too many exhibitors do nothing before a trade show or even during a trade show to attract traffic to their booth. Attendees are often overwhelmed by a trade show or pressed for time, so they are not going to approach a booth that does nothing to get their attention. It is so good to hear that your company was proactive in their trade show strategy!Thank you for your comment, Jack!![]