Used Display Booths

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Used display booths are in perfect working condition. These exhibits have been refurbished and are closely spot checked for damage. In many cases, used exhibits come from companies who have merged or been acquired by existing organizations.

Save Time with Used Display Booths

The booths are then stored in the manufacturer's warehouse where they are fixed up and resold as used display booths. While the process of designing an exhibit is a creative, enjoyable experience, it can be labor-intensive and time consuming. By investing in a refurbished booth, companies can enjoy the visual benefits of custom design without all the design hassles.

The Internet is the easiest place to browse for design ideas and available used display booths. Distributors across the country have modern exhibits for sale at reasonable prices. Manufacturers will list pertinent details about the booth in order for consumers to make a educated decision.

Booth Statistics

First, the year of construction will be listed. Some exhibits have one configuration while others can break down in to multiple smaller booths. This is especially effective if a trade show calendar encompasses events requiring anything from table tops to island exhibits. Additionally, a detailed list of components and over all price will be listed in conjunction with multiple color photographs.

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