Used Exhibit Displays

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Used exhibit displays are often custom exhibits as opposed to modular booths. The advantage of purchasing a modular booth is the ability to constantly change the graphic panels and in doing so, reinvent the entire exhibit. Custom exhibits are bulky and more difficult to customize, although many organizations like to lease them in order to give a professional and successful first impression.

Large Versus Small Shows

Table top booths are traditionally used for smaller events hosted in hotels. The larger conventions are always held in conference centers and require the labor and skills of a general contractor. Modular booths are often found in small industry events whereas custom booths comprise most of the show floor at large exhibitions.

How many used exhibit displays were present at last years HIMSS conference? Used exhibits look no different than any other booth making it impossible to tell the difference. The changes are subtle and usually only affect the exhibitor's show expenses and return on investment.

View Used Exhibit Displays

To purchase used exhibit displays, contact a booth manufacturer or warehouse. These distributors house dozens of custom exhibits that may be available for lease or purchase. Many sellers even offer online, full color images of booths currently in inventory.

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