Used Trade Show Booths

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Used trade show booths are a wise investment for organizations looking to establish a presence at industry events. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a new custom or modular exhibit, these organizations purchase used and refurbished booths in order to evaluate the success factor of event marketing. Some companies spend a significant percentage of the marketing budget on these events, while others focus on other promotional media such as advertising and public relations.

Gaining Awareness through Trade Shows

Trade shows are a necessary evil. By attending, companies spend thousands of dollars on exhibit space, drayage, staffing and accommodations. How often is this investment returned?

By not attending, an organization attains less recognition. Attendees may wonder why the company isn't exhibiting, and this could lead to assumptions and rumors about the organization's stability. Companies can still participate in all industry trade shows and save money by reserving small floor spaces and investing in used trade show booths.

Minimize Cost with Used Trade Show Booths

Exhibit space is usually sold in square feet. For small-time exhibitors an eight by ten space should suffice, larger companies may invest in 30 by 30 lots. Either way, customized used trade show booths can help minimize the cost of exhibition sponsorships.

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