Used Trade Show Displays

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Used trade show displays can save a company thousands of dollars that can be reallocated within the event marketing budget. Many trade shows today have escalating exhibit costs for small floor spaces. Additionally, attending a trade show requires significant financial resources in addition to the exhibit contract price.

Other Trade Show Costs

Travel and accommodations makes up a substantial portion of the costs associated with industry events. Between airfare, accommodations, and per diem reimbursements even a small exhibit team can wind up costing thousands of dollars. There are other costs associated with shipping freight to and from an event.

Even with used trade show displays, the cost of electricity, internet connections, carpet rentals and drayage can add up. While the event may only have cost a $1,000 for a eight by 10 foot booth, the overall estimated cost can creep upwards of $5,000. Even if a company exhibits a half dozen times a year, the marketing budget must account for this $60,000 in expenses.

Decrease Cost with Used Trade Show Displays

If trade shows didn't produce leads and sales then none of the costs incurred would be worth it. However, industry events continue to be one of the strongest marketing media available today. By cutting a few financial corners such as investing in used trade show displays, companies can solidify a return on investment.

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