Used Trade Show Exhibits

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Used trade show exhibits may deflect the costs associated with attending industry events, but will they drive the traffic needed to encourage new sales? Alone, an exhibit booth will probably not attract the prospects needed to spike revenue numbers. However, by adding a few crucial elements and a little flare, conference attendees will line up to take a look.

Spicing Up Used Trade Show Exhibits

Used trade show exhibits must be reinvented using a company's corporate image and brand. In conjunction with this visual face lift, the event manager should consider implementing some promotional programs and teasers. With the right strategy, any event can spark lead generation.

Some organizations choose to hire outside talent to attract conference participants. This talent may come in the form of professional speakers, actors or even entertainment. By using this traffic building strategy within used trade show exhibits, companies are experiencing a greater return on investment.

Reaching the Attendees Before the Show

Direct mail is also commonly used among exhibitors to drive attendees to a particular booth. Giveaways and raffle drawings are two of the more popular methods of spicing up an otherwise dull trade event. Logo merchandise is a common gift that continues to spread the sales message long after the attendee leaves the show floor.

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