Conference Summaries

Written by Amy Hall
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Conference summaries are often all that is needed, and the requirement for verbatim transcription services is waived. Sometimes companies need an exact written documentation of a board meeting, a conference call, or an interview, which means that the person providing the transcription needs to transform an audio format into a precise and accurate written format. Sometimes though, only a summarization is all that is required.

If you are presenting material to employees that could not attend a certain meeting, than conference summaries will relay the gist of the conversation or lecture, without having to transcribe each and every word verbatim. Keep in mind that verbatim transcription services can be more costly to complete, because they take longer to render. Most communication providers that handle transcription services also provide translation and interpretation services, as well as meeting summaries.

The Importance of Conference Summaries

Let's say you are a large corporation with various offices throughout the United States. Perhaps once a year you send your top executives to the corporate headquarters for a meeting discussing financial and marketing strategies to build your company and increase revenue. However, there are literally hundreds of other employees who do not go to this meeting, but should be informed of the topics discussed nonetheless.

Well, conference summaries allows you to hand out written documentation to each and every employee you so choose, or to have one copy of the meeting transcribed, and then verbally shared within each office. This type of transcription can save you money, while not skimping on the information available to all of your employees. If your communication needs are expanding quickly, than reputable transcription companies can help you keep up with these growing demands.

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