Interpreting Services

Written by Amy Hall
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Interpreting services include a variety of methods that allow more than one language to be spoken and understood by various people who speak different languages. For instance, interpreting equipment such as sound-proof cabins, as well as transmitters and receivers are used in live forums for simultaneous interpreting. In this instance, translators are in a sound-proof booth or cabin, where they speak into a transmitter that gets sent directly to the attendees via ear-phones and digital channeling.

There are also consecutive interpreting services, which are also used in a live forum but take a considerably longer time. In in this case, an interpreter listens to the speaker, and when the speaker has paused, the interpreter repeats what he or she has said for the audience to listen. This often slows things down to half time, and requires that everyone in the room listen to the interpreter, even if they don't need to. Of the two interpreting services, simultaneous is preferred but also costs much more money.

Interpreting Services for Live Forums

There is a big difference between interpreting services and translation services. Interpreting a language does not allow for mistakes, or time to think. The interpreter literally listens to the speaker, and then repeats it to the audience immediately. Therefore, it is also important that the interpreter understand what is being said, as he or she has to put it into a different language in words that are going to be understandable and accurate.

If you are in need of an interpreter for a corporate function, it pays to interview a few people before making a choice. Just as important as the interpreter's ability to interpret and translate a language, is his or her personality. If you will be entertaining clients with dinner and a tour of your city, you probably don't want an interpreter who is too serious and cannot show a sense of humor. Likewise, if you have a very serious function, such as a meeting between the President of the United States and another foreign power, you would want an interpreter that is very serious and very accurate.

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