Legal Transcription Services

Written by Amy Hall
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Legal transcription services basically convert dictated or recorded legal material into a written format. Such things as legal hearings, depositions, and court proceedings are all previously recorded topics often need to be transcribed. Keep in mind that most court proceedings do not use legal transcription, unless specifically requested as such by a judge, attorney, or person(s) involved in a case.

Due to the highly confidential nature of legal transcription services, most professionals are asked to sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement stating that they will not discuss with anyone the content of the transcripts. When looking at legal transcription companies, always ask if they insist on their workers signing a confidentiality agreement that will protect all parties involved. It also helps if the person you hire to perform medical transcription services has a strong understanding of the law as well as of language.

Accurate Legal Transcription Services

If you are hiring out a company to provide you with legal transcription services, it is wise to ask a few questions before making a final decision. Find out where the transcriptionists have been trained, as well as how many years experience they have in legal transcription. Ask if they have any legal background whatsoever, and if they are familiar with legal jargon and terms.

Furthermore, you may want to ask if the transcriptionists have any translation capabilities. Not all court proceedings are in English only, and the need may arise for the transcription to be translated into from another language. These are all important pieces of information you should be aware of before deciding to contract out with a legal transcription company.

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