Legal Translation Services

Written by Amy Hall
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Legal translation services basically incorporate legal transcription with legal translations. This means that any dictated or recorded message is converted to a written format, in the language of choice. For instance, a court deposition that takes place in America, may have a Spanish-speaking person on the recorded tape.

The legal transcriptionist must then take that part of the tape that is in Spanish, and convert it to written documentation in English. This can be difficult to do and as a result, many legal transcription companies seek out native speakers who are fluent in two or more languages. Since accuracy is of the utmost importance for all legal transcripts, it is essential that the person providing the legal transcription services be competent in the languages being used.

Legal Translation Services Go beyond Linguistic Skills

It is important that the translators who will be providing legal translation services are also well-versed in the law and the terms used. Look for companies that have attorneys, paralegals, or even court reporters working on their team. Providing top-notch transcription services is often a team effort, and you want to make sure the team members are skilled in the legal field to some degree.

In addition, look for a transcription company that has team members which speak many different languages, beyond English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Any company that can provide translation services for a large number of languages is probably going to be able to do the job well. If you require accurate legal documentation that is done quickly and with precision, than you must look into legal translation services at once.

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