Meeting Minutes

Written by Amy Hall
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What are meeting minutes? Well, essentially they are just a summary of matters that were discussed at any given corporate or LLC meeting. The minutes are actually the resolutions to topics discussed. For instance, if the topic at hand was the impending layoffs and who specifically would receive a pink slip, the minutes would be the actual job titles agreed upon to receive pink slips.

Meeting minutes are important because they allow corporate executives as well as those that are at the bottom of the rung to understand at a glance what happened in an important business meeting. Who takes notes at these meetings in order to come up with the minutes? Well, some companies hire out transcription services on an as-needed basis, while others have a transcription service company that they work with continuously.

Important Meeting Minutes

Since the nature of what is discussed in corporate meetings is vitally important most of the time, the person recording minutes must be concise and relay what actually happened in a meeting. The minutes must reflect the actual discussion, clearly state the solution, and eliminate any unnecessary information. Taking meeting minutes is a common-sense task, and the person delegated to this job needs to just keep focused on the important issues being discussed.

Some people who hire out audio conferencing services also have someone to help record meeting minutes for them. Telephone conferencing can be tricky because it is hard to tell if everyone in on the call is paying full attention. Having good minutes recorded ensures that everyone who participated in the conference call will get an accurate summary of the topics and resolutions discussed.

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