Tape Transcription

Written by Amy Hall
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Tape transcription involves a trained person listening to a prerecorded tape that is then converted into a written document. Transcription services are widely used in the fields of law, medicine, education, and business. The world of communications is ever-expanding, and in order to keep up, the need for trained transcriptionists is growing.

A person who does tape transcription must have excellent listening skills. Sometimes the quality of the tape is poor, and this can make it very challenging for the person transcribing the tape to do so accurately. Furthermore, when there are numerous people on a tape, it can be very difficult deciphering who is saying what, especially if the person speaking does not identify himself first.

Tape Transcription Services

Who uses tape transcription services? Well, court proceedings are often required to be transcribed if requested by the judge, the attorney, or the persons involved in the case. Doctors often dictate important information, such as patient records, operative summaries, and test results into tapes that must then be transcribed for written record. Professors often use transcription services for large lectures or conferences, as do corporate executives holding large business meetings.

There are many reputable transcription companies available that can supply professionals in the field of transcription to help meet your communication needs. If you must have accurate documentation of a meeting, than a you will need a trained transcriptionist to help you achieve this goal. More and more companies are hiring transcription companies to help them meet their deadlines with precision and accuracy.

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