Transcription And Translation

Written by Amy Hall
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Well, transcription and translation together as a unit are much more complex than just transcription. Transcription services involve taking recorded or dictated material and converting it into written documentation. However, if there are multiple languages being spoken on the recording, this requires translating skills as well.

There are some fantastic transcription companies that have highly trained professionals who can perform transcription and translation services to fulfill your needs. Whether you are in a medical setting or a law setting, there is help getting accurate documentation when necessary. It is very important that you thoroughly interview any potential candidates for the job, because someone who is not skilled will end up costing you more money in the long-run.

Transcription and Translation Companies

If you hold important meetings on a regular basis, you probably have found the need arise for someone to provide accurate transcription and translation services. This can be especially true if the subject matter is highly technical, and/or there is more than one language being spoken. International conferences almost always require some type of translation/interpretation services.

It is important to recognize that many people who call themselves transcriptionists do not have any formal training. A professional should have at least six months of training in transcription, and be fluent in the language of interest. There are many helpful sites online that discuss transcription at length, as well as touch upon transcription schooling and certification testing.

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