Transcription Services

Written by Amy Hall
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Transcription services essentially mean that written copy is made from dictated or recorded matter on a typewriter, computer, or in writing. Literally, it is taking verbal communication and changing it to a written format. Transcription services run the gamut, from legal transcription to medical transcription to transcription that also includes translation.

The world is a pretty big place, and therefore communication between companies that speak different languages can be difficult. Therefore, many transcription companies also have services for translation as well. Large advertising companies use transcription services for big ad campaigns that must be transcribed into multiple languages. When you watch shows like, "Friends" or "NYPD Blue" on television in America, they are in English. But if you were to watch those shows in Japan or France, they would be in Japanese and French. Transcription companies allow many forms of communication to be altered to fulfill specific purposes, whether it is from audio to text, or text to audio.

Who Uses Transcription Services?

The answer to this question is simple: everyone. It is especially common to hear about legal or medical transcription services, as doctor, lawyers, and anyone involved in these fields often need accurate written documents for seminars, court trials, and more. It may sound like transcription is easy to do, but on the contrary, it can be quite challenging to transcribe an audio tape accurately.

Transcription services that are done accurately require a certain amount of time to complete. The reason is that we speak much faster than we can type, so a fifteen minute segment of tape can often take up to one hour to transcribe accurately. In addition, when there are multiple speakers on the tape, it takes a bit longer for the person transcribing the tape to put a voice to the correct written text.

Furthermore, there are companies that have large conferences that they want transcribed, which often have speakers from different countries, who speak different languages and dialects. As you can imagine, it would take much longer for a transcriptionist to convert this audio forum into written text. It often requires more than one person to complete such a task. However, there are many professionals who not only transcribe but translate as well, and they alone can handle such documents.

Are Transcription Services Necessary?

Absolutely. The people of the world would have a lot of difficulty communicating with each other if there weren't transcription services. There are hundreds of different languages in the universe, and with the big boom in globalization, every person in every country is basically able to stay connected and communicate. Of course, the language barrier always presents a problem.

With transcription services professionals are able to take verbal communication and translate and transcribe it into written text. Big corporations worldwide rely on these services to help them get through their day-to-day dealings. How would an American company do business with an Italian company if they were not able to communicate somehow? Transcription services are especially invaluable to the medical and law fields, as official documents are always needed and they must be completed with 100% accuracy.

Whether you work for a large advertising company, a law firm, or a hospital, transcription services are probably a necessary component of your everyday work life. Look for companies that are not afraid to tackle transcription services in conjunction with translation services, as the two often go hand-in-hand. The language and cultural barrier that used to separate us from each other is now just a thing of the past. There is no barrier anymore, as professional transcription and translation services have allowed all of us to jump that hurdle with ease.

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