Write Meeting Minutes

Written by Amy Hall
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You can write meeting minutes with precision and accuracy if you take a few simple steps beforehand. First, before you even step into a meeting or conference, make sure you are familiar with the subject matter that is going to be presented. If you are not clear on any or all of the topics to be discussed, ask someone to explain these points to you prior to the meeting.

Second, ask all the participants involved if they mind the use of a recording device which will serve as a reference at a later time. This can be especially helpful if there are a number of people speaking, and/or there are different languages being spoken. Furthermore, ask participants to say their name each and every time they speak, so you can keep track of who is saying what. When you do this, you can write meeting minutes with much more accuracy and clarity.

Maintaining Accuracy When You Write Meeting Minutes

Okay, now that you have a good grip on the subject matter and the participants involved in the discussion, you will want to make sure you have a formal outline that will help you write meeting minutes with ease. When you have an outline, it just makes it easier to write minutes as you have a guide to follow. If at any point the discussion deviates from your outline, simply ask for clarification.

Taking meeting minutes really requires you to use your common sense, which means you need to include important topics while omitting small talk. Top executives are not interested in reading about the hellos and goodbyes that were exchanged between board members during the meeting. Finally, always write your summary as soon as the meeting is over, because this is when the material is going to be fresh in your mind.

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