Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Babylon, the maker of Babylon knowledge management software, is an energetic company that produces strong, technically oriented language conversion software for a variety of business and professional applications. Part of the Formula Group, Babylon has been producing language software since 1997. Their products offer straightforward, effective solutions for problems faced by international businesses and multilingual people on a daily basis.

Babylon's flagship software, Babylon-Pro (currently in its fifth version number), contains 13 comprehensive language dictionaries, 1600 diverse glossaries, and 70 language conversion tools. Babylon-Pro is a tool for computer-assisted translation, a method of computerized language conversion that allows the user to act in cooperation with the software to produce fast, accurate results. It also contains helpful tools for English language processing, such as conjugation tools and unit conversions.

Using Babylon-Pro

The center of Babylon-Pro's usability is that it can be activated by a single click or hot key. This program is very effective in helping users translate a word or an expression, and is a valuable writing tool to help the user choose the right words, and ensure correct spelling and grammatical usage. Babylon-Pro is compatible with almost any text-displaying program, including web applications and browsers, email clients, and word processing programs. Babylon's Writing Aid Tools include cross translation, conjugation help, direct paste, unit conversions (for currency, measurements and time), public glossaries as well as "Say It", an audio learning tool.

Though its foundation of operability makes Babylon-Pro a usable program for many people, it is the detailed glossaries and specialized dictionaries that make it useful for many purposes. Babylon frequently updates their list of available glossaries and technical references (a list that is accessible through their website) with new versions and subjects. The glossaries are equally useful with Babylon's other software products, Babylon-Pro Corporate Edition and Babylon-Corporate 5.0.

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