Online Dictionaries

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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One of the most popular internet-based reference services seems to be online dictionaries. Both free-access and subscription-based sites abound, offering people numerous options in many different languages. Translation dictionaries are also popular, and as translation services improve, the number of reliable translation sites seems to be growing as well.

Most online dictionaries offer visitors a variety of services, including a database of definitions, synonyms and antonyms, and in some cases, a pronunciation guide that may feature audio files of proper pronunciations. Quite a few online dictionaries, such as, are designed to utilize other web-based resources and offer visitors a collection of entries to browse through. In many cases, the individual entries are listed as links to their original source website.

Online Dictionaries with the Ease of Software Functionality

Other dictionaries use a slightly different approach. Babylon, a dictionary created by Babylon (a member of Formula Vision Technologies), offers online translations and dictionary services via a downloadable software program. The Babylon program allows users to search through hundreds of customized glossaries and translation databases to quickly find translations for any word, phrase, or idiom that may appear on the Internet or in any other document or program.

For example, the Babylon software program allows users to access online dictionaries in 13 different languages and easily search for the most accurate translation of any word or phrase. Once a word is selected from any onscreen document, Babylon can quickly produce a list of possible translations and re-translations, allowing users to select the entry that most closely suits the word in question. Babylon also includes grammar reference information and other corporate tools, such as centralized control over Babylon software for network administrators.

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