Translate From English To Dutch

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are a number of options available for those who wish to translate from English to Dutch, including programs for translating files, documents, websites, and other digital media. Like most types of translation programs, programs to translate from English to Dutch are available in a few different levels of professionalism. They range from the most commonly available programs--simple, web-based translation programs--to more complex, fully featured language processing tools.

Web-based translation modules are available from many different developers, including academic institutions, commercial developers, and research groups. Most are capable of translating a number of source languages into various target languages, often including Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. Though they have some limitations, these programs are well suited to quick, word-by-word translation, like a foreign-language dictionary.

More comprehensive translators are also available on the Web. These programs may or not require a subscription for use. They are often capable of producing better results than simpler programs because they use better, more intelligent language processing algorithms or more complete glossaries. They allow users to translate everything from simple phrases and words to complete websites, with a reasonable degree of accuracy (around 80 percent for most sentences).

Professional Software that Can Translate from English to Dutch

Translations for international business and technical applications may require a level of accuracy higher than what machine translation programs (programs that automatically translate from English to Dutch after simply punching in the source text) can currently offer. Computer-assisted translation programs (translation software that requires a user to select from a number of possible translations for a phase, sentence, or paragraph) generally perform higher for such applications. They often use more extensive glossaries, may use better translation algorithms, and can be run offline, from the user's hard drive.

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