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Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Until just a few years ago, requesting a computer's help to translate from English to Spanish was a dubious proposition. At best, you could receive a word for word translation of your English sentence that may or may not make grammatical sense in Spanish. Those who are less lucky may have received unintelligible lists of Spanish words that may have not even corresponded to the English words that were entered.

Recently, however, machine translation and computer assisted translation programs have begun to be able to translate from English to Spanish with better accuracy and improved grammar. Program developers have introduced methods that help curb the mistakes of earlier translation programs, such as re-translations and an improved capacity for idioms and vernacular phrases. Though they still work best with specific types of content, programs can now help users translate from English to Spanish with enough proficiency to be useful for many different business applications.

Current Programs that Can Translate from English to Spanish

In general, computer-assisted translation programs have a higher degree of success than machine translation programs. This is because they require more interaction with users. For example, software programs that provide a list of possible translations in Spanish may also furnish users with re-translations into English, allowing users to easily pick the Spanish word that most closely matched the context of the source material, even if that user is relatively unfamiliar with Spanish vocabulary or grammar.

Computer-assisted translation programs are being developed in many languages for use all around the globe. Once installed, their functions are often accessible by a single click, putting quick and accurate translations at the fingertips of any modern businessperson. Technical glossaries and oft-updated business vernacular glossaries further improve the effectiveness of contemporary translation programs, and are often directly available from the software distributor.

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