Translate From French To English

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Generally, most businesspeople have a variety of options to help them translate from French to English. They range from utilizing simple computer programs to outsourcing professional translators. Depending on the business utility, each different type of tool may or may not be appropriate.

Outsourced translation services may be most suited to large or extremely technical projects. Translation firms usually incorporate the skills of many talented translators to most accurately match those skills to the work that is available. Though translation firms may be expensive, they usually offer thorough translations in a reasonable amount of time.

Using Software to Translate from French to English

There are also many different kinds of software programs that help businesspeople translate from French to English. The programs range from those that process entire documents without the aid of a human (machine translation) to those that assist a human with complex translations (dubbed computer-assisted translation). Professional programs that translate from French to English are often computer-assisted translation programs.

The strength of computer-assisted translation programs is that they take full advantage of both the skills of the user and the depth of dictionaries and glossaries. Many operate in the background of the computer system, moving into view only when accessed (often by hot keys or clicking on a word or phrase in the source language) to offer a number of target language options. The user's role is to choose the translation that seems most applicable to the current context. This straightforward system allows users to quickly process complex foreign language documents, unique idioms, and obscure technical information with ease.

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