Translate From German To English

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Finding the right program to translate from German to English can be difficult, especially for specialized business applications. In some cases, internet-based translation sites or simple translation programs may not offer the breadth of language that is required for business or technical applications. Moreover, websites that translate from one language to another may not be accurate enough for important business deals.

Some computer programs, however, can translate from German to English and back with a strong degree of competency. Such programs often utilize both the skills of the user and the detailed glossaries of the translation program to quickly translate everything from single words to complex idioms and sentences. Though they rely on the user to provide frequent input, these computer-assisted translation programs are generally much more accurate than other machine translation programs.

The most common operational method for computer-assisted translation programs is to produce a list of possible translations for the selected text. With a single mouse click or hot key, the list will appear in front of other program windows, allowing the user to clearly see the optional translations and select the correct one. In some cases, re-translations are also supplied to supplement the user's own language knowledge with literal translations back into the source language.

Business Tools that Translate from German to English

Some programs that translate from German to English focus on providing detailed information in either technical or business realms. Business translation programs often include a number of customizable glossaries with frequently updated content. A wide variety of technical glossaries may be available as well, in subjects ranging from computer programming to fine art.

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