Translate From Hebrew To English

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Businessmen and women who need to translate from Hebrew to English often either have to become fluent in both languages or hire the help of a professional translator. Though outsourced translation teams may be suitable for some applications, such as translating books, long articles, or localizing software, they are often too costly and time-consuming for less demanding ventures. Recently, software that can translate from Hebrew to English has matured into a reliable business tool that is applicable for a number of different uses.

In the past, translation software may have been too unreliable for many business purposes. Though foreign language database and processing programs can generally handle tasks such as word searches and, occasionally, pronunciation instruction, the difficulties inherent in translating complex sentences and idioms have prevented them from becoming widely used language solutions. Other grammar idiosyncrasies and colloquialisms were equally challenging for past translation programs.

Methods to Help Programs Translate from Hebrew to English

Current programs utilize techniques that allow them to bypass many of those problems and translate from Hebrew to English with a much higher degree of success. One common solution is for computer-assisted translation programs to break up sentences by phrase, where applicable. By doing so, the program can search through numerous glossaries, including phrase and idiom glossaries, to find the appropriate translations for common figures of speech.

In order to have the highest possible success rate, some programs are also designed to use the skills of the user when processing language. They may frequently produce a dialog box, asking the user to select the most appropriate translation from a number of options. In many cases, the program may also produce cross-translations (back into the source language), so that users can more clearly see the meaning of the target language phrases.

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