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Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Some businesspeople who work in the field of international business may find it difficult to process technical language and translate from Spanish to English--even if they're familiar with both languages. Technical and business language presents unique challenges to foreign language students everywhere: not only is the vocabulary uncommon in casual speech, but also business syntax is often more formal than most conversational syntax. In some situations, computer-assisted translation programs may offer unique solutions to the problems that are presented by foreign language business grammar and terminology.

Contemporary computer-assisted translation programs offer many improvements over past machine translation services. Older services may have had lengthy glossaries of words and conjugations, but may not have had the capability to construct meaningful sentences. Many modern programs handle entire blocks of text at once, and utilize interesting strategies (such as keeping a log of past phrase translations and idiom usage) to speed future efforts to translate from Spanish to English.

In order to reach their maximum effectiveness, many translation programs need comprehensive language resources and glossaries. For example, some of the most difficult language to translate from Spanish to English may be business idioms, and without in-depth business glossaries, many translation programs may fail to offer accurate translations. Some program developers offer users access to frequently updated libraries of language glossaries, allowing users to download them and immediately incorporate the glossaries into the translation software.

Online Services that Translate from Spanish to English

Machine translation programs--computerized translation that doesn't require the help of an editor--can provide translations from Spanish into English at roughly 80 percent accuracy (more or less, depending on the translation service) for sentences and phrases. Many machine translation programs are available for free on the Internet, and are capable of providing quick translations, especially for single words, such as common nouns, verbs, or simple phrases. Though they may not be suitable for professional use, many machine translation programs are perfect for casual use.

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