Translation Software Downloads

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Though much online translator software is accessible only through the Internet, there are also a large number of translation software downloads available from different software resource websites. For example, general shareware suppliers, such as CNET (where translation software downloads number in the thousands every week) have given users access to many different translation software programs. They are also available directly from the developer, along with technical help and additional information.

Though there are advantages to both internet-based translation software and downloadable software, internet-based software generally has more limitations than its counterpart. One obvious disadvantage is that you must have access to the Internet to be able to use the program. More importantly, though, is that internet-based translation software is generally machine translation software, which means that the computer does most of the work, with the user only supplying the input.

Advantages of Using Translation Software Downloads

Though this may seem like an advantage, machine translation technology oftentimes is not powerful enough to process complex figures of speech, metaphors, and idioms. Computer-assisted translation programs (as many translation software downloads are), on the other hand, incorporate both the skills of the user and the in-depth glossaries of the program to produce translations that are as accurate as possible. In general, the translation program produces a list of potentially accurate translations and requires that the user select the most context-appropriate translation.

Though computer-assisted translation programs may be more practical than many machine translation programs, they also require more work and may be more expensive. In some cases, customers can download full programs from the developer's websites, and simply sign up to pay a subscription fee to the service. The purchase price often includes access to numerous glossaries, technical dictionaries, and other business tools as well.

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