American Vending

Written by James Bruce
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American Vending, formed in 1997, has risen to become the top distributor of vending machines and related products. While the machines they deal are of high quality, they only deal in name brand products; it's their product knowledge that truly sets them apart. Given the specialized needs of people in the vending business, it's important to deal only with people who know what they are talking about.

A Niche Field

People in the vending machine business are in a unique position when it comes to technical difficulties. If a machine breaks down, it is analogous to an entire store being shut down. Other companies may be able to wait a few days for a particular repair to be made, you can't.

Wherever you buy your vending machine from, you need technical support. You need access to replacement parts, and the know-how to get that machine working again. American Vending does a very good job at providing parts and crucial information, in the form of technical manuals and warranty information.

Manuals can be your best friends, because in this business, you should know how to do some of your own repairs. Putting in a new coin changer, for example, is something you could do, for less money and a lot quicker than a repair person. Of course, sometimes you may need a pro to do repairs, and that's what the warranty is for, but if you could get the job done yourself, that's the ideal choice.

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