Automatic Vending Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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The vending machine business has the potential to make a good profit, but that potential often is overstated. While it is true that a machine placed in a prime location makes money, getting the prime location is the trick. If you are considering getting into this business from ground zero, take any promises of riches in with the understanding that in order to gain those profits, hard work is required.

Vending Out Facts

Some distributors of automatic vending machines inflate profit potential, because of course, this may lead to additional sales. According to the Better Business Bureau, many of these statements are deceptive. They don't take into account the realities of any particular situation, instead they focus on an extreme best-case scenario.

Another warning given to anyone who is new to the business is against buying equipment offered at bargain prices, or supplies offered at bargain prices. There have been cases of fraud, where the equipment was cheap because it was inferior or outdated, and where the supplies were old, or of a quality that made them hard to sell. Like any business, you need to be well informed before you dive in.

The point is not to turn you away from vending, because this industry is made up of many successful small business owners. Rather, the point is that in order to be a success, you must have realistic goals, buttressed by industry education. So before you buy your first machine, learn all you can about how a successful vending machine business is run.

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