Bubblegum Vending Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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Bubblegum vending machines are some of life's simple pleasures. Just think, before 1907 the human race was not privy to such fun. People were unaware of the sense of satisfaction one gets in plopping in a quarter, turning the metal knob and seeing what color comes out. Vending machines, I believe, will never go out of style. They might get more stylish, but they will always be popular among kids and grown-ups alike.

If you are looking into bubblegum vending machines for the first time, there are a few things you need to think about before purchasing. Check out the warranty. If it isn't for very long, or there isn't one at all, you might want to consider a new product. Also, make sure the machine is low maintenance. It's no fun to have to make constant repairs, or to take the machine to a service center repeatedly. You don't need to spend more money on repairs than you are making on the gum.

Features of Bubblegum Vending Machines

Most vending machines that we are familiar with take one coin at a time. This is usually a quarter. If you have dimes or nickels, you are out of luck. Alternatively, if something costs more than a quarter, you will have to keep putting in your coin and turning the knob. However, some of the newer coin mechanisms solve both of these problems. You can use all kinds of coins, and you can insert more than one at a time.

What about when something gets stuck? Kids love to try to get free candy or gum by putting plastic or cardboard in bubblegum vending machines. This is quite obnoxious because not only does nothing come out, but it jams the machine for other users. You won't be making any money until you find the time to fix the problem. To prevent this, you will need a coin mechanism that recognizes when foreign substances have been inserted, and thus won't turn.

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