Bulk Candy Vending

Written by James Bruce
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In preparing this article, a lot of claims about vending machine sales were reviewed. "Fill a machine with candy, collect the coins, and watch the money pour in" is a routine claim encountered. While many in the vending machine business do make money, some people don't, and anytime easy riches are promised, the wise man keeps an eye on his wallet.

Bulk Candy Truths

Let's assume a company can sell you bulk candy at a low per unit price. As an example, a bar of chocolate costs you twenty-five cents, and you'll sell it for one dollar. That's a great price if you sell all of it, but what happens to the stock you don't sell?

What happens is you end up losing money, because you didn't sell enough to cover the cost of the chocolate you threw away. According to a government article on the topic, that is one of the top three issues for those attempting the vending machine business. Food products have a shelf life, ergo sales have to be met inside of the time when they are still good.

As a start up business, it's probably going to work better for you to buy products from a distributor who deals with small companies. You may end up paying slightly more per unit, but you'll be buying an amount that fits your business better. As always, the key to your success is going to be how much time you take to understand this business.

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